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5585 Erindale Drive, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
United States


Publish Your Way! Publish your book with BelieversPress using a full suite of professional services for today's independent author.

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It's true! BelieversPress will become part of BelieversMedia.
Exciting changes are ahead.




Professional services including editing, typesetting and design



Print services - from one book to one million



Sales and distribution to retailers around the world

BelieversPress and 1Source partner with best-selling authors, including Jerry B. Jenkins, to launch new fiction titles.


Publish with BelieversPress

You are the publisher–you control everything

You own the rights–and keep 100% of the sales revenue

eBook, POD, and professional publishing models

Marketing tools designed to help you sell books

Global retail distribution available

All services available as packages or a la carte


Tell us about your book!

Connect with a publishing specialist and start your independent publishing journey today. Our goal is to provide you with key information to help you make decisions, and coach you along the process.

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A step-by-step guide to making your publishing dream reality

+ Determine which publishing model fits you best
+ Figure our where you’re at in the process and what your next steps are
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